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Bespoke Furniture Solution

At Szwed-Audio, we are passionate about creating designs of visual additions to hi-fi equipment. Based on the assumption that visual experiences play a significant role next to listening sensations, these projects must harmonise on an equal footing with both senses. These extras must be not only functional but also visually stunning and one-of-a-kind. We specialise in handmade furniture and accessories, we combine wood with metal, glass, plastic and leather elements. Uniqueness and limited editions of designs bring a new level of sophistication to any room, and we pay meticulous attention to detail to create elements that are both beautiful and functional.

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Audio Furniture

Our offer is a wide range of additions to your music room. Starting from chests of drawers and cabinets to small decorative elements. We offer furniture solutions both for setting up audio equipment and for storing music media collections. Made of different materials and their combination in different configurations, metal with wood, glass, stone and high-class leather finishes with elegant hems. Full housings for amplifiers, cassette recorders, wooden side panels, a wide range of speaker stands and playing equipment. Furniture and projects made according to our idea or according to the order of our customers.

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In dealing with music for many years, most of the well-known brands of Audio HiFi producers have passed through our hands. Music is in our hearts and the equipment for playing it has become our passion. That is why we care about improving visual experiences through our designs of housings for amplifiers, players, furniture and accessories, but we also look inside the equipment and care for its proper functioning. We have a perfect professional service that deals with repairing damaged or not fully operating devices. We also restore speaker columns, replace the speakers and the housing repair. We even tempted to our own speaker columns designs and more.

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